Mezuzah Magic Part Deux

Posted by mwallach on March 4, 2011 in Crazy Follows Me Everywhere, New To You, Tribe Members |

Here’s a Quick Update:

It took eight hours and two sofrim (Torah scribes) to check all the mezuzot in my home. After carefully and painstakingly going through each one, they were all declared kosher. Not one was pasul (completely not kosher) and were put back up, a bracha having been made on the one on the front door which counted for the mezuzot in the entire house. Here’s what was interesting: the only issues that were found were with the mezuzah on the front door, which as per my previous blog was upside down, and the mezuzah leading into the house from the garage – which was on the wrong door post. I am not sure how either of those things happened, but they were quickly rectified. Because of that, it seems we were not fulfilling the mitzvah at all. Bottom line, though, is this: now we are.  The issues were quickly resolved. Am looking forward to this being an omen for all the other kooky things going on: easy resolutions with long lasting positive results. Amen.



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  • mwallach says:

    I can’t say I know enough about the halachot to speak with authority on the topic so I defer to the experts. But it was pretty disconcerting to think we were not doing the right thing all these years. The sofer said we were not m’kayem the mitzvah and I took him at his word.

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