So Many Firsts, So Little Time

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Dear That’s Life,

Well, it was about time.

Today, after months of preparation, planning and perspiration, Mayer and I were finally back on the air. Lest you think for one moment that it went off without a hitch, it did not. Nevertheless, we recovered and the show itself was good. Renamed, “Who’s on Furst?” the program has a similar format to the one we started in Garden City, but it has been retooled and relocated to Washington Heights, therefore deserving of a new name. Personally, I like the changes we have made. But like a well-worn pair of leather gloves, Mayer and I put on our headsets and took our seats. Everything fit perfectly.

While the show took place in its usual timeslot, Thursday at 2pm, my day began with a different ‘first,’ at least for me. Mayer is a frequent contributor to JM in the AM and a member of the team but I am not. My first time on the show, but not in the studio, Mayer and I shared a couple of minutes on the air with Nachum and discussed our new program. It was a bright and early rainy morning in Jersey City and it took some time to get there but it was worth it. Besides the opportunity that air time on JM in the AM provides, it was my first marathon. I did not avail myself of the plentiful food provided for volunteers – I should not be eating all my points at breakfast. It was smarter to leave before I could do some damage.

My final ‘first’ for the day occurred on my way home from “Who’s on Furst?” as I spoke to Howard Barbanel, editor and publisher of the new newspaper in the Five Towns called The South Shore Standard. Starting next week, not only will the paper print its first issue, but this column will be found in it as well. “That’s Life” has a new home and I am both excited about it and am comfortable with the decision. Howard’s vision for the paper is refreshing and grounded – two characteristics I appreciate and value. As a team player, I am looking forward to being a part of something I am confident will reach its potential.

So, I guess you’re waiting for the crazy part of my day. Don’t worry: I will not disappoint.

Mayer has a strict rule: I am not allowed to be on the air before having worked out at the gym. What can I say? He knows me. It would be completely loca for me to be in front of an open mike without having yet worked out. The world is not ready for that kind of energy. Plus, chances are, I’d say something I shouldn’t. To avoid a disaster, we stick to that rule. To be at JM in the AM by 7:30 am, however, I would have to be in the car by 6 am the latest. Needing to get cleaned up after the gym, my normal gym time of 5:30 am was, ironically, too late. What a crazy concept. There was a solution and the details of how I was at a gym and exercising by 4:55 am are irrelevant. I got it done. And I was wired.

At some point, even I run out of steam. The day ended with a very tired Miriam tucking in her four year old daughter, unsure of who was more exhausted. Right before the bedtime rituals began, I decided to play the podcast of the day’s show on my Blackberry. My daughter got very excited – not because she heard my voice, but because she heard Mayer’s and is obsessed with him. The sing-songy was she says his name when he and his family come over is both hysterical and ridiculous.

Upon hearing him speak, she lit right up. “It’s Mayer!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down. She is his #1 fan and was beside herself with excitement. The show continued and I began to speak. Immediately, she turned to me, totally annoyed, and said, “Can’t you stop talking?! It’s Mayer’s turn!”

No one should ever be concerned that I’d let anything ever get to my head. My kids would never allow it.


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