A Holiday Miracle

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Dear That’s Life,

If you heard the screaming coming out of my house this week, that was the sound of my legs getting natural sunlight for the first time since last summer. (Bright light! Bright light!) The tights are off, I’m wearing short sleeves and I’m this close to breaking out my Naot. Spring has sprung, as they say, and not a moment too soon.

That does not mean, however, that anyone should go nuts and lose control. The gentleman I saw walking his dog on Tuesday wearing a sweatshirt, flip-flops and a towel was making a major mistake by all standards. I would argue that his errors were multi-fold and while I was hoping this was not the start of some major epidemic, it seems there was another sighting of a man wearing a towel in a public area. This time it was on the Upper East Side, in the early afternoon on Monday. The witness saw the man in a towel and flip-flops, still dripping wet as if he had just finished showering. The first really warm days of the year after a brutal winter may cause some to forget themselves. However, this is way too personal, especially for New Yorkers. Let’s be frank: you don’t want to see me in a towel and I don’t want to see you in one either.

Suffice it to say, this is an excellent reprieve from the current pre-Pesach excitement. My garage floor is no longer visible, as it is covered with bags of items that need to be unpacked, either in cabinets or other locations. My dining room has wall to wall boxes filled with Pesach kitchenware that need to be emptied. I was just informed that 12 boxes soda are being delivered to my house and while I have no clue where to keep them, we will certainly make room. My husband came home yesterday with what seemed to be an ungodly amount of chickens (no, they were not live) and they are sitting next to the case of eggs I have in the refrigerator. How ironic.

I have been wary about saying certain things in the presence of my children. The mere mention of the words ‘mah nishtanah,’ makes them break out into song, practicing the part of the hagaddah they have been diligently preparing in school.  I have already made that mistake twice and have regretted it, reminding myself to be more careful. For whatever reason, some of them are already having cravings for matza pizza which, while it is cute, causes hysteria when I remind them there is no matza until the seder. I don’t need to have more things over which to get into arguments with my children – there are plenty that exist without having to fight over matza.

The chometz pickings are slim here at the Wallachs, making packing snacks for my kids’ lunches this week a real challenge. The homemade cookies I usually keep stocked in the freezer were already gone. That, on the whole, is a good sign, though it did not bode well for the lunch bags. I was this close to sending frozen waffles as a snack but I knew there would be plenty of complaints filed with the complaint department even before they boarded the bus.

Then, like the small pitcher of oil found by the Maccabees, I found an unopened box of Oreos in the garage pantry, bringing immediate oodles of joy and cheer to my small children. Abort the plan to pack kishke, buffalo wings or anything else I had in my freezer for snack time. Hooray for the double stuff sandwich cookies with the creamy middle!

Crisis averted. We will live to fight another day. This Pesach miracle was brought to you by the letter O and the number 6.


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