My Oven: Part Tres

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Dear That’s Life,

So, you thought my oven was fixed – didn’t you? You thought wrong. Me and my big mouth.

When we last left Miriam’s oven, the oven repair superhero had saved it from self-clean hell, as the mechanism burned out the computer panel in what is a clear design flaw. With one week until Pesach and a full house of people ahead, she was in the clear and the baking could commence. Her oven was fixed. All hail the great oven repair superhero!

That ended pretty quickly when a power spike in my area caused the computer boards in many home appliances in Woodmere and Hewlett to spark, short and shut down. As quickly as my oven was fixed, it was broken again. So was my dishwasher – and my coffee machine. The dishwasher would have to be replaced, and luckily it was – right before Pesach started. A new coffee maker needs to be bought, but I have been making due without one. The oven, however, continues to be out of commission. While I thought it would be fixed this evening, two weeks after it blew and the second replacement part having finally arrived, it seems now there is a third part that needs to be replaced. Of course, it will be expedited and I will be charged extra to have it arrive promptly as the new goal is for my oven working by Shavuout.

I was in very good company, as friends and neighbors around me who also expected Pesach guests, scrambled to replace appliances that had suffered from the power spike. One person rented a refrigerator for a month as the fridge in her kitchen awaited a new compressor that had been toasted by the surge. She lost her dryer as well, which is bad news in any household, let alone one that is expecting an additional ten sleepers. Our stories were not unique and many others suffered in other ways as a result of the power explosion, some losing power all together for such a long time that the contents of their freezers defrosted, leaving them to repurchase what had already been bought for the chag. We commiserated and we laughed – somehow, we figured it out.

The funny thing about the power spike was that it happened in the middle of the night, at around 2:30 am, ultimately causing electrical fires in my neighbor’s appliances and in mine as well, prompting both of our homes to fill with volunteer firefighters at around 3:00 am. Still waiting for the punch line? Despite the noise that five firefighters made as they thoroughly went through my home and ensured our safety, oxygen tanks strapped to their backs, walkie-talkies on high and axes in tow, my children did not wake up. With the exception of my son who woke briefly from the red flashing lights outside his window, everyone else slept soundly and he quickly returned to his slumber when we reassured him all was fine. On many levels, thank G-d.

Of course, the other punch line is that after blogging and showing off about my oven being speedily repaired and ready for use, I had spoken too soon. All puns intended, the oven was toast and continues to be. Leave it to me to have a fire scare and have not one, but two punch lines when all was said and done. That’s life.


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