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Dear That’s Life,

Of course, the most logical thing my kids would want to take for lunch on the first day back to school after Pesach is matza with cream cheese. My eldest daughter wants matza brei. All of this makes perfect sense here in Chelm, where fresh bagels and chocolate chip muffins arrived early this morn and yet, the most requested food item so far today has been matza pizza. I am not sure whether my life really is a scene out of “Groundhog’s Day” or, even after eight days, my kids are just not as sick of matza as I thought.

I am not sure what it is about Pesach food that makes us all cringe as soon as the holiday has finished, but we do. While my father makes the best charoset and I look forward to it every year, you could not pay me to eat it during chol hamoed, let alone once the chag was over. While I received the ultimate compliment from a friend of mine who joined us for the last days and told me he does not remember ever eating as well over Pesach as he did in my house, I know he will still hesitate before digging in to some of the food I packed and sent with him. It is not personal and although none of it included matza or matza related products, the dish is still associated with Pesach and therfore has the cooties.

Growing up, the rule in our house was that kosher for Pesach food items needed to be finished before the non-kosher for Pesach equivalent was opened. For example, the kosher for Pesach mayonnaise (one item that has not improved with time) had to be finished before the Hellman’s could be opened. The same thing was true with ketchup and a variety of other products, although mayo was by far the worst. I shudder to think what would have happened had the kosher for Pesach cereals, complete with dye colors #43 and #17 that allow the yellow ‘O’s’ to double as flashlights, been around when I was little. I would never have been allowed to open that new box of Rice Krispies. In general, the Pesach food industry had made major and impressive strides, the pie crusts and teriyaki sauce I bought this year serving as proof. Even the mustard was pretty good, although again, the yellow coloring was far from natural. On the whole, however, the chicken nuggets were a hit and the passable ice cream still won over the crowd. I will not, however, force my kids to finish the tub of Mehadrin vanilla before buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food as I continue to restock my freezer.

At 9:20 last night, the time our chometz had been guaranteed to be bought back, there was very little chometz in our house in which my children could indulge. Their big ‘post Pesach treat’ was some Bosco syrup they found in the taped-off cabinet. Bagels aside, I made sure to buy pizza today for lunch, pick up donuts and take everyone for frozen yogurt. I sent my eldest on a veritable shopping spree in Foodtown, asking her to buy some snacks for school and a couple of loaves of bread, amongst other staples we needed to replenish. It reminded me of an earlier instance when, right after the chag, I stood on line at the same supermarket where I had done my major pre-Pesach shopping.  This time, however, I waited patiently with a variety of cereals under my arm, prompting the cashier to ask with all sincerity, “Is this for the holiday when you stock up on cereal?”


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  • Yehuda Scheff says:

    I disagree with you about Pesach Mayonnaise. True, it will never be Hellman’s. However, for the past two years we have used Goodies and it is pretty good. The big change in flavor was when they stopped using apple cider vinegar and started using the KP distilled vinegar.

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